Current programme changes


ATTENTION: Current programme changes are published as Erratum at KOLA 2016 on facebook.



Dear KOLA participants,


We would like to take advantage of the last moments before the Conference to draw your attention to certain standards of behavior, which we all should follow while on KOLA.

The Conference is held at the University of Warsaw, in the building, where normally are university studies (especially on Friday). In addition, academics and students of Artes Liberales announced their participation. This is our opportunity to present LARPing in a positive light – by  our behavior.

In addition, this year we will host a record number of participants (approximately 200people). In such a crowd it is easy to forget that you are at a conference, not a convention (with a much looser atmosphere). We all ask you, however, you would try to remember that.In previous years KOLA was definitely the place of creative, but cultural exchange of ideas, and we would like to maintain this trend.

Thank you for your commitment and interest. KOLA will start today!


Paweł „Gerard Heime” Jasiński

KOLA Coordinator



Discussion session winners


5 PM to 5.40 PM

Does larp in the field need more toitois than ge props? (PL)
Moderator: Filip Szwejser

5.40 PM to 6.20 PM

Can post-apo larps be dark and serious? (PL)
Moderator: Patryk "Papryk" Kulpo

6.20 PM to 7 PM

International larps (ENG)
Tags: players' and organizers' needs, cultural exchange, cultural shock, language barierr, expectations, ""must do"" in international larps, difference between international and Enslish-spoken larp
Moderator: Agata "Świstak" Lubańska

7 PM to 7.40 PM

Larp ethics (ENG)
Tags: Game culture, organisation vs players, safety and s of larps.
Moderator: Robert Jurczyk

7.40 PM to 8.20 PM

Does the term "progressive larps" have any sense? (PL)
Moderator: Kamil Bartczak

  8.20 PM to 9 PM

"Don't be an asshole! " - Pros and cons of You-Decide-What-Effect mechanics (PL)
Moderator: Krzysztof Maj

Sessions will be held on Saturday 20.02 in Chillout Room. Discussions are led by Zofia Urszula Kaleta.

In addition: see our updated, full KOLA programme.



Chill out room at KOLA

One of the main sponsors of KOLA is a shop Płaszcz i Suknia, which supports many larping initiatives, including this year's KOLA.
Thanks to them in our chill-out room you will be able to not only to take part in the following sections of the program, but also enjoy a cup of hot coffee and tea, and something sweet.

We invite you to admire their costumes on their webpage, facebook fan page, and in a few days at KOLA.


Last week before KOLA!


There is the time! KOLA will be held in just one week! It is high time for accommodation and transportation arrangements (you still remember about our fb groups, right?), as well as ordering KOLA T-SHIRTS

Only 3 days remaining until the end of ordering KOLA T-shirts. If you have not yet decided, then now it is the last moment. For your convenience, ordered t-shirts can be picked up at our accreditation desk during KOLA.

Remember, every T-shirt is sold to support the Conference, thanks to what we can maintain our event, as free, open for all of us. Support KOLA and show up in a T-shirt at the Conference!


Arriving at KOLA:

KOLA Couchsurfing: